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Pictures and Camps

..:: 07/30/2016 ::.. Kicking off the Elite Volleyball Camp weekend! Featuring Coaches from three Universities - Emily Mansur, Hava Davis, Esaí Velez (Hofstra), Shellane Ogoshi (LIU Post) and Nora Rugova (Pace) 
..:: 07/23/2016 ::..  What a great night CALI - Congrats to all players and thanks to the parents, coaches and friends for making the 2016 Barbecue such a memorable event. >>pictures<<
..:: 06/22/2016 ::.. First days of the 2016 Beach Camp with some pictures from the Beach Tournament 

...With out her CALI would just not be the same! Shannon is the soul of every registration process, she can be seen at the beach, the camps, the travel... as a former coach she also frequently watches the games and practice. Starting this summer Shannon ´s CALI blog will be published here!