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Club Philosophy

Club Ace Long Island is a USA Volleyball affiliated junior developmental program for youth, ages seven to eighteen. We are dedicated to providing high quality training at all levels via our experienced and knowledgeable coaching staff. Our CALI athletes have the opportunity to train for and compete at local, regional and national levels. We proudly say that have been very successful at all levels of competition. 

It is our main goal to provide a solid foundation of fundamentals to enable participants to develop not only as players, but as young adults as well. This competitive athletic experience will enhance their social development and contribute to their future mental and physical health 

CALI strives to provide an environment that creates and instills such values as self-discipline, confidence, accountability, sportsmanship and team work. 


CALI Travel Program: Age 11 -18

Travel teams: Black, Blue, Red, Gold  

Our CALI Travel teams are designed for those athletes that have a desire to eventually play in college and for those that want the highest possible level of training and competition! The team head coaches (generally 2 coaches per team) are some of the best coaches in the northeast, and most of them are current and former college coaches, very successful high school coaches, or have played and coached the game at the highest levels. Our Travel teams practice 4 hours a week with their own court at Hofstra University; They will play in 7 to 9 tournaments during the season (of which 3 generally multi-day events with overnight travel involved) and the teams are among the best teams in the region across all age groups. Travel teams require a high level of dedication and commitment to be the best of the best! 

Cost: $2,850* (travel expenses not included)

Intense Travel Team

(13 Black, 14 Black, 15 Black, 16 Black, 17 Black)

The intense travel team has volleyball practices for three nights per week (6 hours) plus conditioning. Everything else is identical to the travel team.

Cost: $3200* (travel expenses not included)


The overall travel expenses for the travel teams where around $470 in 2017. The fees include a $50 conditioning fee for weekly conditioning training starting the first week in January with the Hofstra Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Jimmy Prendergast

CALI National Program: Ages 11-17

National teams

Our National Teams train twice a week. Our National program is designed for those athletes that enjoy competition and training but don't have the time to commit on the same level as the Travel team. Our National teams practice 4 hours a week with their own court at Hofstra University. They will play in 5 to 6 tournaments during the season (with 1 overnight travel involved). Our National team will have one very qualified Coach for practices and tournaments. 

Cost: $2400* (travel expenses not included)

CALI Aspire Program: Ages 11-17

The Aspire teams train once a week. Aspire program is designed for those athletes that enjoy the competition, training, and camaraderie of team sports. These are often athletes that are seeking to make a high school team, or want to improve their skills to be more of an impact player on their team. Aspire teams practice 2 hours a week and compete in 3-4 one-day, "club" level tournaments in our region. While players are still expected at practices and tournaments, it's a more relaxed environment than our high level travel teams. 

Cost: $1700* 

Volleybees Program: Ages 7-11

Our Volleybees trains once a week for 1.5 hours. Our program is designed to introduce the game of volleyball to young athletes ages 7 to 11. The primary focus of VolleyBees is to have fun! While participating in a fun and active environment, these young athletes will be learning the game of volleyball while mastering body mechanics and motor control. The Volleybees program starts in the first week of January 2017 - No tryout needed.

* Fees for the programs made in three payments: 1) Signing day (Oct. 2019): 50% of program dues - 2.)  25% due by January 10, 2020 and 3.) 25% due by February 7, 2020 // ² siblings of a full CALI member receives a 10% discount. If the sibling plays in a different program the discount is available only for the minor program (e.g. Travel Team = full payment, Aspire Member = 10% off)