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Hey everyone!!!

I can't believe that we are almost ready for another CALI tryout! Keep checking the website for tryout dates, they will be finalized very soon!!! I am really looking forward to this upcoming season! Just as our volleyball players get better every year, so does our club! Just as our volleyball players experience ups and downs so do we as coaches, administrators, our club as a whole, and human beings in general. This is what makes us great! It forces all of us to learn and grow into our greatest potential. I am so excited for this upcoming seasons successes and am ready to take on the challenges! We are truly becoming a CALI family and I am so looking forward to seeing our returning players and families. There's no greater joy than seeing how much our players have grown and improved! I, personally, love watching our players excitedly reunite with one another!! It reminds me of my childhood and the long-lasting friendships that I had made through sports. This past weekend I attended the wedding of a friend that I had played volleyball with in high school. A good portion of my high school volleyball team was there and we talked, danced, and laughed as though we had been on the court together just yesterday. And trust me, it's been about 15 years! Friendships made through playing volleyball are like none other! I might add that the friendships made through watching our kids play volleyball as well as teaching our kids to play volleyball are also very special! Get excited, CALI family, for this upcoming club season and keep checking our website for tryout updates!!

Go CALI!!!

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